Hifdh Course

Evaluation Process

Our evaluation process aims to allow every child the opportunity to undertake the Hifz programme. Each child will have a probationary period of 12 months and a target of memorizing four Juz (parts) of the Qur’an in that academic year, in which their Hifz capability will be assessed. A monthly target review will be carried out by the Head of Madrasah.

However, if a student fails to pass the probationary period, at the discretion of Abrar Academy management the child will be placed on an alternative programme of study.

Hifz Standards

The completion of Hifz requires an ideal situation; we can measure this with the following standards

  1. Parents, teachers, and students are required to demonstrate consistency, patience, and continuous endeavour
  2. Attentive attitude
  3. Memorisation and retaining ability
  4. Regularity, punctuality and positive behaviour
  5. Positive learning atmosphere and time management at home
  6. Rewards and self-esteem building activities
  7. Recreational activities according to their prescribed time
  8. Healthy food and daily routine (early sleep and wake up time)
  9. Extremely low involvement in computer games and games consoles.
  10. Hifz requires very high interest and involvement in memorising the Quran. Engagement in interest-increasing activities e.g. prayers, masjid, Islamic literature, listening to the Quran and making plentiful supplications can assist students significantly.

“Mu’aadh al-Juhani narrates that Prophet of Allah (Peace be upon him) said, ‘Whosoever recites the Quran and practices upon its injunctions, the reciter’s parents will be given a crown on the day of Qiyaamah. The brightness of that crown will be more intense than the brightness of the sun in your actual house.’