Pastoral Care

Statement of principles

We endeavour to create a caring and supportive environment for the development of all our students.  We aim to create a community in which achievement is recognised and celebrated while harassment and teasing are discouraged.  In close liaison with parents, we seek to encourage independence, maturity, and responsibility in every boy in our care.

Aims of the boarding community

  • To create a community that ensures the safety and welfare of its students in an environment where they can be both healthy and happy.
  • To provide an environment in which pupils can develop their intellectual talents through well-structured study time, access to staff and other pupils in an atmosphere which values effort.
  • To provide a range of activities related to age and maturity that will assist in the personal, social and cultural development of each student.
  • To provide accommodation that is comfortable and suitable to the needs of boarders according to their age and which provides appropriate levels of privacy.
  • To provide an atmosphere that allows pupils to develop a tolerance of others and to live free of teasing, harassment, and bullying.
  • To develop each boarder’s responsibility for self, for others and for their environment.
  • To develop pupils’ qualities of leadership and their ability to work as a team.
  • To develop close links with parents in the support of students development within Madrasah and School.
  • To provide ample opportunity for students to talk to staff about their day to day concerns.

Caring staff

Care of the boarders is the responsibility of resident supervisors, aided by tutors and a full time medical and support staff.  All aspects of pastoral care are overseen by the Head of Boarding to ensure progress through the Madrasah is monitored and the pupils have appropriate support and guidance.  Close liaison with parents is maintained throughout.

“Boarding pupils are well cared for and supported. They confirm they feel safe and enjoy the experience boarding gives them.” (Ofsted)

The boarding community at Abrar Academy is readily recognised as the heart of the Madrasah and boys achieve remarkable success in all areas of Madrasah life.

“Appropriate facilities are offered for boarding pupils. The boarding house is kept suitably warm and the food provided is liked by pupils.” (Ofsted)

Social activities

Boarding at Abrar Academy gives boys the opportunity to sample all the activities which the school offers both on the sporting front and in cultural areas.

Well-structured homework time give boys added the opportunity for exam success and the increasing responsibilities given to day-boarding boys in the sixth form provide a wealth of experience.

Religious activities

Boarding pupils are encouraged to take part in regular spiritually enlightening programmes and discourses, often led by their peers. We also have good links with the local Masaajid in Preston.

The Boarding Schools’ Association has produced a useful leaflet ‘How to Thrive at Boarding School’