Boarding Life

Abrar Academy Boarding students learn:

Friendship: Children get to mix with other children of all nationalities. Boarding students learn life skills that other children may miss out on. It starts with the fact that they get to mix with other children from all over the United Kingdom and Europe.

Independence: Children learn independence as they have to tackle their own laundry as well as learning to keep their rooms tidy and their clothes in good condition. They also learn rudimentary cooking skills and have a cleaning rota for the kitchen and other communal areas – all are life skills not necessarily enforced at home.

Teamwork: Every boarder is on a duty rota which rotates through a broad range of cleaning and maintenance activities around the school and boarding house. Children learn to work together and to carry out the tasks assigned and the results of their work are monitored to keep it to a standard. Assignments are designed with due respect for cultural and ethnic backgrounds and age. This helps students learn to get along with others as well as developing their tolerance and respect for others.

English Language: Immersed in an English speaking environment, boarding students quickly develop a working knowledge of English. This is enabled through the school’s own English Language programme where they learn the grammar and words of English which are complemented by taking part in everyday life, games, outings, and communication with their fellow boarders.

Extra Study facilities: The school has its own ‘Homework Club’ open after normal school hours as well as an ICT (Computer) room and a library.


 Life as a boarder involves:

Evenings and Weekends: As well using spare time to catch up with friends or put in extra study hours, boarders have access to both indoor and outdoor school facilities. This includes tennis courts, football pitch and outside team games, board games, table tennis, football games and tea and coffee making facilities. There are also organised sports and other activities such as Bike Riding, Badminton sessions and shopping trips. The school is fortunate in its location on the edge of Moor Park as it has cycle routes and other outdoor activities conveniently outside the Boarding gates.

Meals: Three meals are provided each day: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Meals are usually taken in a large communal dining room.

Uniform: During boarding hours (evenings and weekends) the Madrasah does not insist on Madrasah uniform being worn but during Madrasah hours a proper and clean uniform should be worn at all times.

Discipline: A list of rules will be provided on application. Abrar Academy Boarding adheres to a system of Plus and Minus points to either reward or penalise as appropriate.

Students having their say: A student boarding council is in operation, which meets fortnightly so that they can express their opinions to improve activities, meals, dormitories and any other thing they would like to tell us. We are always willing to listen to them and try to accommodate their needs when possible.