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Special Courses

Special Courses

Islamic Studies Course For Post 16s and adults (females)  4:45pm-7:15pm
We also offer an abridged version of the 5/6 year Islamic Theology Course. This includes: Tajweed, Qura'anic commentary (Tafseer), hadith, everyday Masa'il (Fiqh), Aqaa'id Seerah and basic Arabic. This course is delivered in the English medium.

This course is aimed at those girls who have left madrassah but wish to continue their islamic education.  The Course will be delivered in English and will cover: Quran,Hadith, Seerah and much more.  Girls will acheive an IGCSE qualifiation which is a GCSE recognised internationally.

Alim/Hifz Course for over 16's and adults
Females 4.45pm-7.45pm


Please Note: All the above courses are subject to application and demand