School Curriculum


Abrar Academy has a strong academic record, whilst also recognising that education in its truest sense is measured not just in examination results, but in the preparation of young people for the future.

Our policy for keeping class sizes small ensures that our teachers can look after the individual needs of each pupil so that high-achievers are challenged, and our less able pupils develop skills in areas which will serve them well in the future.

Our curriculum is broad and subject combinations are drawn up every year on the basis of pupils’ needs, giving them more choice.

We have the freedom to tailor and enhance the requirements of the National Curriculum to suit the specific needs of our pupils. As well as fulfilling the aims of providing a curriculum which is balanced and broadly based, promoting the spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development of pupils and of society and preparing pupils for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life we aim for academic excellence and a firm foundation from which to progress to further study.

Academic progress is very closely monitored, with regular assessment and feedback to ensure that pupils are achieving their fullest potential.

Years 7 & 8

In the First and Second Forms (Years 7 and 8), pupils take a core curriculum of English, Urdu, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Humanities, PSHCE/Art and ICT. These subjects are taught in the afternoon.

Arabic is also available outside the normal timetable.

Games and PE sessions are timetabled two periods a week. A sports activities programme is offered on Tuesday evening and Saturday afternoons.

All lessons take place at Abrar Academy. The afternoon classes are equipped with Active Studio Promethean whiteboards to enhance the teaching and learning experience.

Year 9

Guided by the requirements of the National Curriculum – but, as an Independent setting with the freedom to go above and beyond – our Third Form (Year 9) curriculum provides a secure foundation for GCSE studies to be started after the Spring break.

The core subjects of English, Urdu and/or Arabic, Mathematics and the separate Sciences are supplemented with History, Citizenship, and ICT, whilst greater breadth is achieved through Physical Education and PSHCE.

GCSE (Years 10 & 11)

All pupils take a core consisting of English (Language and Literature or just Language), Mathematics, Science (Combined or Triple subject covering all three of Biology, Chemistry, and Physics), History and Citizenship.  With a few exceptions, all must study a Modern Language (Urdu and Arabic as a Second Language).

The usual number of GCSE subjects taken is nine.  Some pupils may take twelve or GCSEs if they study English Literature, Level 2 Further Mathematics, and Arabic.

At Abrar Academy, we believe that this is the optimum number which combines the necessary breadth with the best opportunity to achieve the highest possible grades.